With companies like Apple and Motorola ditching the 3.5mm headphone socket on their latest flagship smartphones, there's never been a better time to cut the cord than now.

Sure, you can use Lightning headphones, or whatever gets bundled in the box, but if you have to move on from your old 3.5mm headphones, then embracing Bluetooth means convenience and pretty much universal compatibility with most devices. In many cases, you also get a cable in the box, so if you want to use them wired, you're free to do so.

Bluetooth has often been seen as an inferior option when it comes to headphones, but with the advent of newer devices and more sophisticated audio processing, there are plenty of Bluetooth headphones that will serve you well when listening on the move or at your desk.

Here's a run down of some of the best Bluetooth headsets that are available to buy. There's plenty of variety with these cans, whether you're looking for on ear or over ear, so browse the gallery and see what your next wireless headphones could offer you.

Here's the best Bluetooth headphones on the market at the moment balancing great sound with noise cancelling capabilities. 

Sonybest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 3

Sony's MDR range is back to form with the 1000X, which are the newest headphones in this list. We collected a pair at IFA 2016, the show at which they were unveiled, and have been listening ever since.

Not only do the 1000X offer exceptional noise-cancellation, they're comfortable, sound punchy, and offer a better build quality than their Bose QC35 competition. But they're not exactly cheap, so it depends if you have upwards of £300 to spend on headphones.

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PRICE: £330 from Amazon.co.uk 

The Sony MDR-1000X aren't for everyone though and some might find them a bit pricey. Here are the Bluetooth headphones you should also consider: 

Bosebest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 2

The ideal travel headphones for those often on the go. These pair supreme noise-cancelling with Bluetooth connectivity and a locked-in sound that will almost eradicate the world around you. That's where the QuietComfort brand excels.

Unlike their predecessors, the QC35 feature a built-in rechargeable battery, which is a great step forward, and they work passively when its 20-hour life has depleted.

The only real downside is their plasticky construction considering the price point, but this also helps in keeping these cans ultra lightweight, so you'll barely notice you’re wearing them.

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PRICE: £290 from Amazon.co.uk

V-Modabest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 4

If you like your over-ear headphones to tuck in tight and act as an escapism from the world around you, then the V-Moda Wireless' design will be ideal. They're snug, but those spongey earcups ensure they're comfortable too.

Oh and the bass, there's a lot of bass. So whether you're into gaming (the design lends itself well to that), like your music large and in charge, or are into a more nuanced listen without the locked-in pressure of active noise-cancellation (these are passive) then look no further.

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PRICE: £250 from Amazon.co.uk 

Bowers and Wilkinsbest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 5

B&W has been reworking its popular headphones ranges with wireless models, the P7 the latest to receive a Bluetooth update.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Bowers & Wilkins offering compared to all the others is the design and the feel. The weight, the soft leather, that brushed-aluminium and steel construction - all of which exude an aura of class and justify their £320 price point.

Not only are they compact enough to want to wear out on the street - although you might do better with the smaller P5 or P3 models, if you’re more into on-ear and lightweight design - they're spot on for the home too. Especially now, without the wires.

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PRICE: £320 from Amazon.co.uk

Plantronicsbest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 6

Time has been an added blessing for these Plantronics headphones, as their price point has dipped to a very reasonable point considering everything on offer. The BackBeat Pro cram in a lot of features - including auto pause when removing them from they head - while being comfortable to wear.

Controls are simple, active noise-cancelling works well, the build is sturdy, the battery lasts for an age, and sound is well balanced. The design is bland and plasticky, though, but at their current price these are well worth of attention - or go smaller and more logo-crazy with the AKG, also in this list.

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PRICE: £115 from Amazon.co.uk

AKGbest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 7

If you're working on a more modest budget then these AKGs offer plenty. Comprising metal, leather and glossy plastic in just the right amounts, it's the kind of construction many big-name competitors would charge twice as much for.

Super comfortable to wear straight out of the box, the AKG Y50BT on-ears sound great too. Sure, the abundant use of the oversize AKG logo may put some off, and we'd like a little more snap to the mid-range, but at this price point these cans represent budget brilliance with few equals. Although you might want to consider the more subtle looking Plantronics, also on this list.


PRICE: £125 from Amazon.co.uk

Skullcandybest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 8

The most affordable headphones in our round-up won’t offer quite the same sound quality greatness of the others in this list, but they’re not mucking about considering the budget.

PRICE: £70 from Amazon.co.uk

Bang & Olufsenbest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 9

The priciest headphones in our list are also up there among the best. However, the Bluetooth listen is quieter than some of the competition, so if you like your music blazingly loud then many of the other listed options will be a better match.

Still, we can’t take away from the H8’s magnificence. They even won the Pocket-lint Awards 2015 for best headphones, so good is the sound when at volume. We’d much rather take these tighter fit cans over the floaty and not-as-good-sounding H7 cans, too, as the step between them in quality is significant.

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PRICE: £399 from Amazon.co.uk

Sennheiserbest bluetooth headphones 2017 10 of the best on over ears for wireless listening image 10

Cut the cord in style. The Sennheiser Momentum M2 AEBT over-ear headphones will look majestic to some, overkill to others. But their aesthetic doesn't take-away from their high points: ultra comfort, rumbling bass, ample volume, on-device controls and decent overall sound.

They are rather large in size and price, though, but those big ear cups are ultra-comfortable. Add great noise-cancellation and long-lasting battery life and, assuming you can cope with wearing them out in public for extended periods of time and their overall expense, these are well-rounded Bluetooth over-ears well worthy of consideration.

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PRICE: £380 from Amazon.co.uk