Riddled with hackers and cybercriminals, the web has become a dangerous place. While we’re all at risk of being attacked, big companies are especially vulnerable to network breaches, and they’re willing to pay a premium for hacking protection.

With the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle, you can master this in-demand skill set and earn up to six figures keeping hackers at bay. For a limited time, this training is on sale for only £21.83 ($29 USD).

This bundle includes seven cybersecurity courses, but here are just a few highlights:

  • Document Hashing and Secure Password Hashing Using the JCA: Learn how to keep hackers from cracking passwords by adding extra layers of protection with the Java Cryptography Architecture
  • VoIP Hacking and Penetration Testing Training: Track down vulnerabilities and keep unwanted users out of your company’s Voice over IP communications
  • Become a Master of the Applied Encryption and Its Terminology: Dive into the technical side of encryption and master the most popular encryption tools
  • Advanced Mobile Application Penetration Testing: Get hands-on training as you sniff out and fix security weak spots on mobile apps.

This bundle comes with nearly 40 hours of training in a wide range of cybersecurity tools. You’ll emerge from this collection as a cross-trained pro in hacking protection. Plus, included in the bundle are prep materials for passing the industry-recognized CISSP Certification exam. With an extra certification backing up your training, you’ll be ready to impress future IT employers.

Normally £521.74, the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle is on sale to Pocket-lint readers for over 90 per cent off, meaning you’ll only pay £21.83 for seven top ethical hacking courses.