Sony has kicked-off its New York PlayStation event with the announcement that the leaked PS4 console we've seen recently is the new PS4. 

Launched alongside a new PS4 Pro, the new PlayStation model takes the same innards as the previous PS4 and slims it down. Although technically it will just be called PS4, we're sure it will be known as PS4 Slim to its friends.

Sony also confirmed that there will be an HDR firmware update coming to all existing PS4 models, meaning that 40 million PS4 owners will get support for HDR. That update is due next week, which should mean better visual performance - if you have a compatible TV, of course. We're not totally sure what content that applies to just yet.

Sony hasn't said too much more about the console, except that it's slimmer, lighter and that it will cost you £259, €299, and that it will be available to buy from 15 September.