Sony has officially announced its next super console, the PS4 Pro.

Previously known as PlayStation 4 Neo, the new console is capable of 4K HDR gaming, has a 1TB hard drive and boasts much improved specifications over the regular PlayStation 4.

The console was announced at a dedicated event in New York City on Wednesday 7 September along with some demonstrations of several games running "on PS4 Pro" hardware and in 4K resolutions.

Watch Dogs 2 looked utterly amazing in 4K, with extra detail we definitely didn't see in the standard PS4 version. The forthcoming Spider-Man game too.

But seeing Uncharted 4 running in 4K and HDR showed exactly how extra brightness and contrast depth can improve the visual representation.

Sony also said that the PS4 Pro will also improve experiences for those without a 4K HDR TV. Extra detail and aliasing can still be seen on a 1080p set.

The company revealed that existing games will be patched to make them PS4 Pro compatible, with higher resolutions and the like. Future games will offer Pro support from day one. And developers can use some of the console's extra GPU and CPU oomph to improve PS VR experiences too.

Perhaps the most stunning news concerns release date and price. It will be available from 10 November priced £349. Wow. Just wow.