Nintendo has finally announced a Mario game for iOS, as has long been rumoured.

Super Mario Run was unveiled during the Apple iPhone 7 launch in San Francisco where Apple boss Tim Cook gave up the stage to Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's creator.

It is an endless runner game, with similar styling to the classic 2D platform games starring the plump plumber. However, Mario runs automatically, so you need only tap the screen to make him jump.

There are other modes added, which add variety, but the simple fact that a Mario game will finally be available on mobile and tablets is very exciting indeed. It could even be as big a deal as Pokemon Go.

The game will be released in time for the holiday season and will be an exclusive to Apple devices it seems, at least initially.

Miyamoto also revealed that it will be sold for a one-off fee. Although the actual cost yet to be determined, there will be no in-app purchases whatsoever, he said. Nintendo wants it to be playable and suit all ages. Parents will certainly approve.

Nintendo still also plans to release iPhone and iPad games based on other franchises, including Animal Crossing.