We only have a couple of days to wait until Apple officially launches its new phones, so we'll find out everything on Wednesday 7 September. That doesn't mean we won't hear a few more, final rumours or even see a new leak or two in the remaining time.

The latest allegedly concerns the larger of the two expected handsets, the iPhone 7 Plus. A benchmark has appeared on Geekbench, which is purportedly of the new A10 processor that the phone and its smaller brother - the iPhone 7 - will sport.

And according to the benchmark score, if true, it is much more powerful than the CPU in the iPhone 6s Plus.

Phone Arena claims that the single-core score of 3379 listed on Geekbench is a major leap over the 2526 score achieved by the current generation equivalent device. Its multi-core score of 5495 is also much better than the 4404 of the 6s Plus.

Even rival handsets, such as the Exynos 8890 version of the Galaxy Note 7 and those running Snapdragon 820 are beaten or run up similar scores. Essentially, if this benchtest is valid, the iPhone 7 Plus will have the oomph to match its ambition.

GeekbenchiPhone 7 Geekbench

Other details listed on the Geekbench test page, which lists the device used as the "iPhone9,3" which is reportedly the 7 Plus, state that the suspected A10 processor is dual-core and running alongside 2GB of RAM. It was also run on operating system iOS 10.1.

Of course, like with all rumours, you need to keep an open mind as there are leaks aplenty and some of them are contradictory. Not all, therefore, can be true. And this benchtest cannot be verified.