Google has officially confirmed that it is holding a launch event on 4 October, with a mighty hint that at least one of the rumoured Google Pixel phones will be unveiled.

It posted a video on its Twitter account with a traditional Google search bar morphing into a smartphone shape. Even though it only shows an outline, the shape itself also looks like the Pixel and Pixel XL designs as seen in several leaked images.

Google is calling its event TenFour - after the date - and has a dedicated website set-up for it, although at the time of writing went straight to a 404 error page.

Possible pricing for the smaller of the two new phones was also revealed last night. Android Police reported that rather than be direct Nexus replacements, Google's new Pixel handsets will be direct competitors to Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy S7 series. Its "trusted source" said that the Google Pixel will cost $649 on release - around £500 at today's exchange rate.

The Pixel XL is expected to be more expensive still.

The pricing rumours are new but the 4 October date for Google's event has been suggested for a while. Indeed, Google is expected to reveal many new products alongside the new handsets, including a 4K Chromecast, Google Home and a Daydream VR headset, possibly called Daydream View.

The "mega event" will see the company unload all that it has been working on, in time for the Christmas season.