Amazon has sent out an invite in the UK for an unannounced device with no reference to what it could be or any tag line to suggest otherwise. 

The event, which is to be held on the 14 September in London, forgets to say what it is for. Amazon is clearly keen to tease UK customers. 

The rather mysterious invite sent to Pocket-lint features only the events details on a dark blue background with a light blue halo effect at the top. We've removed the London address and times. 


A number of possible suggestions spring to mind.

The event could be for the UK launch of the Amazon Echo. The Alexa powered personal assistant is yet to make it to the UK. With a number of other third-party developers and manufacturers starting to add Alexa support to their devices, now could be the perfect time ahead of the Christmas season, to get Alexa and the Amazon Echo into UK homes. 

The second idea could be a refresh of the company's TV set top box range to co-incide with launch of the the new launch Clarkson, Hammond, May motoring show The Grand Tour. As the autumn nights draw in and the favourite TV shows start up, a new improved range of set top boxes could be a winner. 

The third is the launch of a new range of Fire tablets, again refreshing the line, and improving the current crop of devices available to 2016 technology and the Christmas season ahead.

Or of course it could be something completely different. What do you think it is? Have your say in the comments below.