IFA in Berlin is Europe's largest consumer electronics trade show and the launch bed for many a gadget, whether that's the latest in smarthome advancements, new smartphones, TVs, laptops or other exciting gizmos.

But with so many products being announced at the show, it's sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. If you look closely enough, there are plenty of gems that you should be saving up for or looking to upgrade to. And that's our job, to bring those to the forefront for you to see and read about.

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Take the new super-slim laptops from Acer, for example, or the rather impressive looking Samsung Gear 3 smartwatch. There are also concept devices that are as stunning as they are unobtainable at this moment in time. 

The Pocket-lint team has been scouring the halls, stands and off-site events at IFA 2016 to discover the best gadgets of the show. We'll be updating this round-up as we see more standout devices - so make sure you keep coming back for the latest and greatest.

Have a flick through our gallery above to find out what our crème de la crème IFA highlights are and watch through our playlist below to see our hands-on impressions of all the best stuff.

An absolute contender for product of the show, if not the year. The Yoga Book redefines what a laptop can be, combining keyless “Halo” keyboard (you read that right) and stylus input on both the screen and key slate in the slimmest 10.1-inch form factor ever made. It also weighs a mere 690g.

The most unusual feature is also the standout feature: the press of a button switches the keyboard off, when the slate can be used for not only stylus input, but positioning a real sheet of paper and writing on it - only to see your inputs duplicated into digital note form.

Available in Android and Windows variations, priced £449 and £549 respectively, the Yoga Note Book will be available in the coming days and weeks. And we think, despite its steep initial learning curve, that it’s set to take the student and productivity market by storm.

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Arguably the hottest smartwatch to date, the Samsung S3 goes bigger and better than before and comes in two varieties: the rugged-looking Frontier and the more subtle Classic.

With its rotational dial and press-button controls, we think Samsung’s choice of Tizen operating system makes for a better experience than Android Wear’s current offerings.

And with an always-on display and four days of battery life, the Gear S3 promises to be one of those things that so few smartwatches achieve: being a watch first and foremost. But a clever one at that.

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For starters the 55-inch 4K set is the company's first OLED-based television; and no other maker offers the eye-catching Ambilight technology, which projects the surrounding walls with the the TV's images in real-time.

The smarts come from the Android TV OS, so you'll have access to all the games, apps and streaming services that your heart desires.

The only question remaining is how much it costs, and that information hasn't been announced. Yet.

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Acer was first off the start line at this year's show with a real turn to form. The company might not always be best known for premium products and design, but the new Swift 7 laptop certainly readdressed that assumption.

At under 1cm thick - or thin - this is one of the world's slimmest laptops. It's even slimmer than many phones when the lid is shut. Mix that together with an elegant design, incorporating gold and black chassis, and this head-turner is primed to take on the MacBooks and HP Spectres of this world. We're especially fond of the giant oversized trackpad, which makes using this laptop a breeze.

Don't expect such design elegance to come cheap though, it's expected to begin at the €1,299 mark with the latest fanless Intel Core i5 arrangement on board.

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For its absurd factor we can’t not feature the gigantic new top-end gaming laptop from Acer in our round-up. This huge beast features a 21-inch curved screen with eye-tracking technology, weighs a massive 6kgs and will probably cost upwards of £6k.

But one glance at the spec potential and the price is no surprise: in this baby there’s space for twin Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, plus when it arrives in the first quarter of 2017 the Predator 21 X will be loaded with the top-end X-series Intel Core i 7th Gen processors.

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The mid-range Huawei Nova comes with a 5-inch screen and shares a similar design approach to the Huawei-made Nexus 6P launched in 2015.

The phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and microSD support.

The mid-range smartphone market is, in many ways, more interesting and disruptive than the flagship level in Android devices at the moment - and that's true of the Nova, thanks to its class-leading build.

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Sony's audio product line is being improved with MDR-1000X active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, which even upscale standard definition audio to higher-res through built-in DSEE HX tech. And they are wireless, which is impressive for the category.

First impressions of these noise-cancelling headphones are really good. Not only is the technology very clever and the effect well handled, but they simply sound fantastic too, delivering punchy detail, bags of bass and plenty of volume.

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TomTom is moving into the activity tracker market with the TomTom Touch.

It has all the benefits of rival fitness devices already found on the market, but as usual with TomTom, the company has been keen to add to the mix rather than just copy: the Touch includes a sensor to measure body fat, so you can see if all that walking is making any difference to your waist line.

It'll cost £129 when it is released later in September.

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Withings announced a heart-rate monitoring version of its Activite Steel HR. The new device brings many of the design features from the original device, but adds notifications and a digital display at the top of the watch face, along with a select button on the left hand-side which allows users to skim through various metrics on the display. 

On the underside of the watch face is where the heart rate monitor sits, measuring in 10-minute increments throughout the day for an average reading, or continuously during exercise. It also monitors your heart rate when you're sleeping.

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There's a lot to like about the Huawei MediaPad M3. It is as much as you might want from a tablet designed to entertain, a great portal for browsing, watching movies and gaming.

It offers the performance that will satisfy many and avoids the temptation to encourage you to use it for work. It's well built and a pleasure to use.

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The Michael Kors Access smartwatches were originally announced at Baselworld but there were no working samples to see back then. But the Android Wear smartwatches were on display for all to see at IFA - and they are fabulous.

They bring true Kors style to the smartwatch party and they offer 27 million ways to customise them - from extra straps to special Michael Kors watch faces.

They work just like all other Android Wear watches, delivering smartphone notifications to your wrist, and also offer voice activation.

The Michael Kors Access smartwatch goes on sale on 6 September for £295.

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The Skagen Connected is a the company's hybrid smartwatch. It's a lovely looking device that adds smart functionality in a really clever way and without requiring the user to charge the device.

The analog face has plenty going on but it's the sub-dial that's the most exciting, with the A-D on the left representing the user's four favourite contacts, which can be customised via the app.

The watch will deliver notifications via vibration for other contacts, but for those four, they will also see the dial spin when a notification from the respective person comes through. It also tracks activity and tells the time, among a few other features.

The Skagen Connected comes in four models and will be available from October for under £300.

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First there was the UB900, Panasonic's top-end Ultra-HD 4K Blu-ray player. Now that's joined by a slightly cheaper model: the UB700.

The new model will come with many of the same, but not all, the features found in the UB900 player. It can't handle 7.1 audio, for example, but that won't matter to all users.

The UB700 is one for those who aren't looking for all the state-of-the-art options, but who do want brilliant 4K HDR Blu-ray playback for their telly.

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PCs are normally boring, but the the HP Elite Slice takes a different approach, allowing you to add extra features that bolt-on when you need them.

In the case of the Elite Slice that's a speaker from Bang & Olufsen or a Optical Drive, as well as conference room features and a wireless charging dock for your phone.

It's good looking, neat and tidy, and will be available from the end of September, priced from $669. 

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TomTom has launched plenty at IFA this year, but we especially like the TomTom Adventurer. It is aimed at those into more extreme running, hiking or even snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, rather than your average Saturday morning park run type of person.

Why? Because it takes into account elevation as well as GPS location.

It'll be available in October, priced £250.

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After releasing the Viera CZ950V this year - a 65-inch, £6,000 TV which went on to sell out its limited stock - we can see why there's the demand for Panasonic to push its OLED presence forward.

Although there's no official product name or release date for this OLED tease, we suspect this slender slice of TV loveliness will be what the company goes on to announce and release in 2017. Perhaps in different sizes and at a lesser price point, too.

Sony launched a couple of devices at this year's IFA including the Xperia XZ and the X Compact. The XZ is the new flagship, effectively replacing the Xperia Z5.

It brings with it many of the same specs as the Xperia X Performance that launched at Mobile World Congress in March, including IP68 waterproofing, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor and 3GB of RAM.

There's been some changes to the rear camera though with Sony adding another two supporting sensors to the 23-megapixel main sensor - one for depth of vision and the other for colour. The front camera remains the same at 13-megapixels.

The design sees a few changes too, with a squarer top and button, along with a new feature called Loop that makes the display appear as though it is wrapping seamlessly into the rounded edges. All-in-all, it's a nice phone that will be familiar to Sony Mobile fans, but with a few improvements here and there.

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Fitbit launched two additions to its activity tracking portfolio at IFA 2016 comprising the Charge 2 and the Flex 2. The Charge 2 is the larger and more advanced of the two devices and it takes over from the Charge and Charge HR.

The Charge 2 brings a similar-sized device to its predecessor but it adds a large display, interchangeable straps and a number of extra features. 

There is heart rate monitoring on board, along with Multi-Sport tracking, smartphone notifications and Connected GPS. The Charge 2 also adds a feature called Cardio Fitness Level and another called Guided Breathing to the party as well.

It's a lovely looking device and one that is likely to be up there with the best activity trackers of 2016.

For those constantly frustrated by the shakiness in their videos as they try and shoot on the move, the DJI Osmo Mobile is the perfect tool. It's essentially a handheld steadycam, or battery powered gimbal. Whatever you want to call it, it helps you create smooth, shake-free footage. 

Using the smartphone's built in camera, and a dedicated app you can program it to lock on to a target, and follow it around or have it stay pointing in one single direction as you move around. Either way, the end result is smooth video. 

You can adjust things like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus and f/stop to fine tune how the video looks, and the easily reachable buttons and triggers mean its easy to use in one hand, keeping one arm completely free. 

It's really well made, and has a battery that can last 4.5 hours of constant shooting. At just £289, it's affordable too. Easily one of the best products at IFA 2016 this year. Check out our hands-on video below.