Amazon Dash Buttons have launched in the UK allowing you to access Amazon's one-click order service if you are a prime customer.

Each Dash Button costs £4.99 and comes with £4.99 credit - so are effectively free of charge. Setup is via Wi-Fi through the Amazon Prime app, but once linked will operate independently meaning all you have to do is press the button to order more product.

One press shows a blinking light, which turns green after around 10-15-seconds to demonstrate the order is accepted. An alert notification will follow to your device. And that's it, job done. Dash Buttons' batteries are said to last for years too.

With over 40 brands available at launch from cat food to Play-Doh there is plenty to choose from. Here are our top 10 favourite ones to get:


You always run out of washing power at the wrong time, and now when you go to get the last tablet out of the box you can press the button knowing that by the next day you'll have a delivery of a new batch of washing up tablets. Handy



Like watching teary-eyed movies, or maybe you're just one of those people that always have a cold? The Kleenex button is there for you to be able to press and order more tissues. Sadly you do have to wait at least a day for new ones to arrive before having a grizzle.



We've all been there. Sat on the loo, done our business, only to realise the last person didn't bother to tell you they had used the roll and that you need to order more. Whether it's cursing your partner or your kids. A well placed button next to the toilet will stop you wonder just how painful using the cardboard roll actually is



Another one where some will wish Amazon did round the clock 24 hour delivery, but we can some unscrupulous cads having one in their sock draw ready to press when the box is empty.



Buying nappies is boring, takes up loads of space in the shopping bag, and isn't exactly the most stylish thing to be seen with one the way home from work. Buying them online makes sense, having them automatically delivered when you're down to your last few because you've been savvy to press a button, even more so.



Like the washing power above, but for softer. We aren't sure about you, but we are always running out of one or the other in the Pocket-lint households.



This is for the extreme artist, but Derwent have an Amazon Dash Button to let you re-order pencils without thinking about it. Stationary on tap sounds dangerous.



I need more darts we hear you cry, and so does Amazon. Nerf has created a button just for you if you are under siege. Just don't let the kids find this Dash Button though, otherwise we can quickly see a small armoury being built up in the following days and weeks as they eagerly press the button at the end of firefight.



Stick one of these dishwasher tablet ordering button under the sink and you'll never need to worry about those inbetwen days when you can't make it to the shops and are forced to wash the dishes like you are back at university.



You know, for kids. Yep, even Play-Doh has got in on the Dash Button excitement allowing you to order more at the press of a button. The Amazon site isn't clear though at the moment whether this is ordering a huge pack, single colours, or just something random. We kinda hope it's the later just so spruce up the fun.


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