Hulu and Netflix might be solid streaming services, but they can’t provide you with cable’s top networks.

That’s why there’s SelectTV. Bringing the best of cable and web-based streaming together, SelectTV boasts the world’s biggest library of shows, movies, TV networks, and more. Plus, Pocket-lint readers can save big on subscriptions for a limited time.

Normally £47.52, a 1-year subscription to Select TV is on sale for only £25.08 ($19 USD).

Select TV lets you access a colossal library of shows, movies, radio stations, and even live channels from over 150 countries, and it’s all done through its simple browser interface. Easy to set up, SelectTV connects to your home through Google Chromecast or a simple HDMI cable, and it’s compatible with any device.

With SelectTV, you not only get access to thousands of shows and movies, but you also get to enjoy over 1,000 curated channels with the latest episodes from top networks. Plus, you can watch the latest TV and box office hits with Select TV’s Pay Per View service. What’s more, you even get access to thousands of radio stations from across the world.

SelectTV also offers a complete calendar of live events, sports games, and more, all streamed live from the web. Whether you’re hoping to follow your favorite sports team or tune into a live concert, SelectTV has your viewing covered.

For a limited time, Pocket-lint readers can take nearly half off their SelectTV subscriptions. Get a year for £25.08 ($19 USD) or three for three for just £64.68 ($49 USD).