We know that Apple plans to launch something on Wednesday 7 September and are 99.9 per cent certain it will be at least two phones: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We now have confirmation of a couple of the much-rumoured features as licensed cases have started to arrive at stores in the UK and Pocket-lint has received a pic of one in the flesh.

A Gear4 protective case for the iPhone 7 has been spotted at a popular phone outlet in the UK. Our source sent us the picture as proof.

The trusted source also confirms that the headphone jack is no more, as long suspected. Instead, it has just a hole at the bottom for the Lightning port. The camera slot on this specific case is similar to that on an iPhone 6s equivalent, but we've also been told that the iPhone 7 Plus case has a larger camera cut-out, again suggesting that the oft-repeated rumoured about a double-lens camera is true.

We can't mention which store in which the picture was taken, but can confirm that we have verified its validity. It is likely that multiple outlets have received the same stock in preparation for launch day next week.

There's no mention of an iPhone 7 Pro, but as we've been hearing less and less about the potential third device of late, it's highly possible it won't be part of the forthcoming media briefing.