Roku will reportedly enforce its biggest line-up overhaul in many years, replacing all of its current streaming devices with all-new boxes, many of them offering 4K video.

Two leaks have revealed Roku's plans. Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission in the US, which certifies wireless technology, suggested that there are three brand new models coming. While two Canadian retail channels revealed more details, including an all-new naming convention.

The channels and FCC filings all use similar model coding to help piece the puzzle together. One gives an indication of some of the features, another the headline differences, while the third adds new names.

Zatz Not Funnyroku-premiere-1

Tech blog Zatz Not Funny reports that the existing Roku 1 will be replaced by two new models, the Roku Express and Roku Express Plus. The exact differences between the two is not known, but it could be that one comes with an improved remote with headphone port or better connectivity.

It could even be that the Roku Express is in Streaming Stick form, while the Plus is the natural successor to the Roku 1.

Zatz Not Funnyroku-2016-models-580x513

A little more is known about the Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus boxes, as both are referred to by number in the FCC filing. Both are said to be 4K, while the latter will also come with HDR video capabilities.

A final Roku Ultra is said to have 4K Ultra HD streaming with HDR too, and it will also have an optical audio output. It will also be the only model with a USB port to play local media. It replaces the Roku 4 in the line-up.

Zatz Not Funnyroku-fcc-models-580x133

All of these boxes are expected to launch in the US, but there are no indications yet whether they are also planned for the UK. After all, we don't even have the Roku 4.

Hopefully, we'll soon find out as Roku is tipped to get them all launched ahead of the bust holiday season.

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