Shattering the record for most downloads during its first week of release on the App Store, Pokémon Go has found its way onto millions of smartphones. However, our phones’ batteries are having a hard time keeping up with Pokémon Go’s demands.

Fortunately, you can extend your play time with the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery. For a limited time, Pocket-Lint readers can get this stylish battery for only £52.78 ($39.99).

Ultra-compact and deceptively powerful, this charger offers rapid on-the-spot charging. It’s built with 3.0 Amp HyperCharging technology, allowing it to juice your iPhone at twice the speed of a normal wall charger. With blazing-fast charging available on the go, you’ll be able to squeeze in plenty of extra time to catch that Charizard.

While other portable batteries are bulky and cumbersome, the PokeCharger Portable Battery is engineered for maximum mobility. Thanks to its super thin design, the PokeCharger can fit comfortable in most pockets, making it perfect for those extended Poké-catching trips.

What’s more, this charger is intuitively designed with a tri-color LED battery gauge, so you can easily view your battery's charging progress while you’re on the hunt.

Don’t let your phone’s standard battery stop you from catching your favorite Pokémon. With the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery, you’ll get the power you need to catch em all.

The LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery normally retails for £105.58, but Pocket-Lint readers can save 50 per cent off. For a limited time, you can get the PokeCharger on sale for only £52.78 ($39.99).