VPN services have become such essential without which today’s internet user cannot survive. While there are many reasons to opt for a streaming VPN, the main reason is the requirement of data and online identity protection. A VPN protects users from cyber criminals and various kinds of viruses while providing access to geo-blocked movies, TV shows and sports.

OneVPN has a built-in streaming feature called One-Stream. The streaming feature gives access to all the desired content from anywhere in the world be it movies, TV shows or sports. OneVPN has its servers installed in various parts of the world to help users access whatever they want from wherever.

And now, here’re the top 5 reasons why you need a streaming VPN:

Accessing sports content online due to regional restrictions isn't an issue when you have a VPN. OneVPN, for instance, allows sports fans to catch each of their desired sports event, thanks to the dynamic IPs it provides. Once a user connects to OneVPN, it lets them select desired server locations to access content from, on the go. You can watch a number of upcoming sports with OneVPN including Mixed Martial Arts and Formula Racing events live online from channels across the world including NBC in the US, Fox Sports in the Netherlands, and so on.

A VPN basically funnels your network traffic through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your identity, and mitigating against ISP-level censorship in countries like China and even Russia. But did you know VPNs can help you watch TV shows? Video-streaming services like Netflix only allow people living in certain countries to access them but a streaming VPN opens up all the blocked passages for streaming.

If movies aren't your thing but TV shows are, you can use a streaming VPN such as OneVPN to access television programming. When you're not in certain countries, access to TV content gets difficult. With OneVPN, you have nothing to worry about as you can access a wide range of online streaming channels showing comedy shows, dramas, thrillers, action shows, and so on. You can easily bypass geographical restrictions to watch your favorite shows by switching your IP with one provided by the VPN provider.

Do you ever miss UFC on PPV because of the hassle involved with accessing the fights? Well, with a VPN such as OneVPN you never have to miss a single punch again. OneVPN's One-Stream will let you access content from all around the world including the upcoming UFC 203 featuring Miocic, Overeem and Punk. The fights will be broadcasted in the US only, but now fans outside the US can access the fights as well.

They can even have an ad-free experience thanks to OneVPN's Ad-Blocker Add-On. All you need to do is to get your OneVPN subscription, configure it on your preferred device, choose your required server from the list, and connect.

OneVPN or a VPN is not just about accessing geo locked content. A VPN lets users enjoy their native content in their own language no matter where they are. This is an ideal thing for travelers because those who move a lot are not able to access their favorite content from back home. OneVPN has deployed servers in so many countries that they enable you to access home channels in native language with total ease.

So, these were your top 5 reasons why you need a streaming VPN for online streaming. Buy VPN now and start streaming the content you love, from anywhere and anytime.