Samsung wants its Tizen-based wearables to be compatible with the iPhone. It expressed that desire at the beginning of 2016 at CES. At the same time, the date for iOS compatibility was suggested as mid-January.

Since then, Samsung has gone rather silent on the whole iOS-Gear S2 affair. We've been asked about it so many times, we started to think it would never happen.

Now Samsung has opened up an elective beta programme for those in Korea, so it looks like compatibility with the iPhone is finally coming around.

The timing might seem a little strange, as Samsung is just about to launch its next-gen smartwatch, thought to be called the Gear S3, at IFA 2016.

According to SamMobile, the survey is running until 19 September, so it might just be that this beta testing fits into the timeline for the launch of the new device anyway, and that it's really software testing for a feature we'll see pushed heavily with the new device. 

Either way, if you've been wanting an update on the position of Samsung Gear devices with the iPhone, this is probably the news you've been waiting for.