A new version of the PlayStation 4 appeared on Monday, dramatically showing off its slim lines when it was listed on Gumtree in the UK, bought by a PlayStation fan, exhibited on Twitter and finally, verified by Eurogamer.

This twisting tale hasn't quite reached its end, however, as now it is the turn of the controller to break free and show its lines. 

It looks as though the new controller isn't going to vary too much from the DualShock controller of the PS4, but there's a change to the light bar, now showing through on the top of the controller.

Originally there was a video of this new controller shared by ZRZ on YouTube but it has since been taken down, although we do at least have an picture of this controller thanks to Engadget.

To verify the new design, @strongmaneighty2 (the fan who bought the original PS4 Slim from Gumtree) has confirmed that this visible bar on the top just looks like a transparent section, allowing the light that shows at the front to be seen on the top too.

Speculation suggests that this might be for linking-up with PS VR when it launches, or just for extra detail, so games can use the light for other in-game features.

With the number of videos appearing and being taken down, this is all looking more and more likely. We're expecting the new PS4 Slim to launch on 7 September at PlayStation's New York event, alongside the PlayStation Neo.