Sony is hosting an event to announce something about PlayStation on 7 September, but in a flurry of leaks, some of that news might have escaped early.

Sony confirmed the launch event on 10 August, inviting media to a New York launch saying that it would be relating to "the PlayStation business". For some time, the launch of an upgraded 4K capable PlayStation has been rumoured. 

The Wall Street Journal has reported that we could be expecting two consoles to launch at the New York event: the rumoured PlayStation Neo, or PS4K, as well as a new "standard model."

While all attention has been on a future high-powered console, no one expected a "Slim" model to be announced as well. Sony has a history of revamping consoles, usually with a launch of the Slim with a lower price to attract those yet to jump on the PS platform.

To add colour to this twisted tale, a new design of PlayStation 4 appeared on auction site Gumtree over the weekend, revealing a Marmite design. In slightly suspicious circumstances, the unreleased console has been listed for sale and bought.

The buyer then continued to share photos of the new console via Twitter, although has so far failed to show it powered on. It could be an elaborate hoax and entirely fake, but if it is, it has been cleverly done, providing a little entertainment for the expectant PlayStation masses.


However, in a move to verify the authenticity of the console, Eurogamer went to see the buyer, took some more photos and a video, confirming it was the real deal. Eurogamer have since removed the video, citing "legal" reasons, which pretty much removes any doubt.

Sony is expected to respond to the moves by Microsoft with the new Xbox One S. The new Xbox slims down the design and adds 4K capability, offering an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, support for HDR gaming and 4K streaming services from the likes of Netflix - all at an aggressive price.

The reports from this little exposé suggest that the new PS4 Slim has the same capabilities as the existing PS4, rather than offering any sort of upgrade.

We'll know everything on 7 September, until then, we've been keeping track of all the PlayStation Neo rumours for you to stay up to date.