While there’s much to say about our smartphones’ beefy cameras, all that power is useless if you can’t shoot from the right angle. The Flexible Tripod for Smartphones and Cameras opens up a whole new array of creative angles to shoot from, and it’s super portable.

For a limited time, Pocket-Lint readers can get the Flexible Tripod on sale for only £11.68 ($8.99 USD).

Compatible with cameras and smartphones, the Flexible Tripod gives you the stability of a tripod with none of the added bulk.

Designed for maximum flexibility, this tripod’s legs can wrap around most fixtures. Secure them to branches, poles, fences, and more, and watch your shooting options multiply. Uneven surfaces can throw off normal tripods, but the Flexible Tripod’s legs can level out your smartphone on any surface. Whether you’re shooting in the wild or at home, this tripod can be deployed in any setting.

While other tripods are heavy and cumbersome, this one’s made with mobility in mind. The Flexible Tripod’s legs collapse, making it a perfect travel companion for hikes, campouts, and guerilla photo shoots. As portable as your smartphone, there’s no excuse to leave your house without both if you plan on shooting.

Your shooting options shouldn’t be limited based on where you go. For a limited time, Pocket-Lint readers can pick up the Flexible Tripod for Smartphones and Cameras at a tremendous discount. Normally retailing for £25.98, the Flexible Tripod is on sale for only £11.68 ($8.99 USD), saving you more than half off.