Last week, the games industry met en masse in Cologne for the biggest European videogames show, Gamescom.

And that meant there were plenty of new games trailers released online that you wouldn't have seen before.

All of the biggest games for the rest of 2016 and beyond were exhibited at the show, which was for the trade and public, but as you might not have been able to get to the Koelnmesse yourself to check them out we've collected the best trailers we could find here.

EA's footy title adopts the Frostbite Engine for its graphics duties this time around so player models are more lifelike than ever before.

We also love that Premier League managers get their own celebrations, based on their real-life counterparts.

The fighting game is coming in early 2017 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and Bandai Namco announced during Gamescom that Lee Chaolan and his alter-ego Violet are joining as playable characters.

Here they are in all their glory.

We cannot wait for the full release of Mafia III. Everything we've seen so far has only raised our expectations.

And the 1960s soundtrack is almost worth it on its own.

After a fantastic E3 showing, Battlefield 1's Gamescom level showed horses joining the fray for the first time.

The desert setting is also great for a massive multiplayer skirmish, as we found out in our hands-on play at the show.

The sequel to Titanfall might be languishing in the shadow of Battlefield 1 but it is no less important in the build up to Christmas.

A multiplayer tech test period will be held over the next two weeks, so you can find out why yourself.

With FIFA 17 heading in a new direction, with a story mode and new graphics, PES is finally back doing what it does best - super fast and frenetic gameplay.

What's more, licence deals with Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund add much needed real world kits and stadiums.

It's been a while since a decent skiing and/or snowboarding game and Steep's premise has great potential.

It features a massive open world in which to take part in multiple extreme sports activities, so is one to keep an eye on.

ReCore will be the first game to be part of Xbox Play Anywhere, Microsoft's scheme to reward purchases of either the Xbox One or Windows 10 digital version with the equivalent.

It comes out on 13 September and features cross-play too, so you can pick up your save game on either device.

Activision revealed the madcap zombie mode that will come with Infinite Warfare during Gamescom, which includes voice acting and a rendered appearance by David Hasslehoff.

Zombies in Spaceland is set in a space-themed fun park in the 1980s and looks great fun for up to four players.

We played a fair bit of Rise of Iron at Gamescom and it is another excellent chapter in the ongoing series.

We particularly liked the new strike mission thanks to being accompanied by a couple of Bungie devs during our session.

After Crash Bandicoot was announced as a guest Skylander at E3 in June, his evil nemesis has now joined the team too.

Dr Neo Cortex is a fully playable character and there's a Crash-themed level in the new game too.

We got to play a short burst of the alpha build at Gamescom, with a new combat system the significant improvement over The Stick of Truth.

As the game isn't out until December though, we know that much more is yet to come.

At E3, Ubisoft mainly focused on single-player gameplay, while Gamescom has been much more about its multiplayer.

You get a great glimpse of what to expect in the almost three minutes video above.

One of the indie games to make a distinct impression at Gamescom this year was The Bunker, a completely FMV experience starring Adam Brown (The Hobbit).

It is creepy and well shot. It could even be a surprise hit of the year.

Ubisoft's multiplayer battle game is scheduled for February 2017 but the Gamescom demo was very playable.

With vikings, samurais and knights to play as, it should provide plenty of variety for individual play styles.

A real throw-back to the glory days of 3D platformers, Yooka-Laylee is being published by Team-17 and will be out in the first part of 2017.

From our extensive session with the first level at Gamescom, we can honestly say it feels like the games we've loved on former console generations.

The PlayStation VR debut of Resident Evil 7 at E3 was quite simply terrifying and mercifully we didn't to wear the headset for our Gamescom hands-on.

That said, it still had the capacity to leave us trembling wrecks.

2K announced a mighty roster of superstars for the latest WWE game and we're particularly fond of the attention given to fan-fave trio, New Day.

You can watch their entrance video here and see how far the graphics have come in a short space of time.

Coming next March, the new Ghost Recon is best played with a team of friends, tackling missions co-operatively.

It has a huge open world map and feels a bit more like an RPG than previous outings.