The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably one of the hottest phones in 2016. Announced a few weeks ago, the Note 7 is now on pre-order, hitting shelves on 2 September.

We've unboxed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and some of the best bits of this phone are lurking in the bottom of the box.

Sure, the 5.7-inch Quad HD display with HDR is amazing, as is the waterproof yet compact body of this waterproof phone, but one of the key changes for this model is the introduction of USB Type-C. 

This new connector has been appearing on a number of phones over the past few months, but it wasn't a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 that launched earlier in the year. 

Moving to a new standard of connector might sound like a small thing, but anyone who already has a USB Type-C device will know that change brings a wide range of challenges with it. Not in terms of function, but in terms of day-to-day practicality.


Fortunately Samsung has seen sense and bundled a whole range of accessories in the retail box for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There's the adaptive fast charger for starters, which is a welcome inclusion (some manufacturers make you buy fast chargers), along with the separate USB Type-C cable, meaning you can charge from any USB device.

To make your old accessories even easier, Samsung has also included two additional adapters. The first, the larger, of these takes you from regular USB to Type-C. This means you could connect a full-sized USB drive, for example. 

The second, smaller, adapter converts Micro-USB to USB Type-C, meaning that you can use existing cables or chargers, or accessories that have a Micro-USB connection on them.

Overall, it means more flexibility, meaning you don't have to throw out old accessories like external batteries, just because the Note 7 has a new connector type.

It's geeky, but we love it. 

We have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 currently under review and we will be publishing a full and final verdict in the near future.