Fresh images have been posted online, seemingly showing off one of the next HTC-made Nexus phones in the flesh.

Android Police posted images of "Sailfish", which is expected to be launched alongside a similar HTC phone currently code-named "Marlin".  

As we've seen in previous render leaks, it's a mostly solid metal build, but with a large glass panel on the top third, where the fingerprint sensor and camera system lives. And, although there's no HTC logo to be seen anywhere, there's certainly something very HTC-like about the phone. 

The corners are nicely rounded, while the chassis looks to be hewn from a single block of aluminium, rather than a slim metal frame. 

Like most metal phones, there's an antenna band running along the bottom of the phone, and it appears there are antenna "gaps" on the top portion as well, mostly hidden by the large glass panel. 

Android Policenexus-leak

Rather than be gently curved like a lot of phones, the edges of the device appear to be mostly flat, with some angled chamfers on the top and the bottom, similar to the HTC 10. 

According to Android Police, both of the new Nexus phones will look the same and feature mostly the same specifications. The only difference - according to the blog's claims - are the screen size, device dimensions and battery capacity. In essence, Marlin is just a bigger version of Sailfish. The latter of which is expected to have a five inch screen. 

Interestingly, another picture leaked on Twitter seems to confirm that the images AP got their hands on are legitimate, and show what looks like part of a lifestyle photo shoot. 

While we're calling these phones Nexus, it's possible that Google is moving away from that brand name. Previous renders suggested the phones will have one simple brand logo, and that will be a single "G". No HTC or Nexus branding, anywhere.

That's interesting because it suggests that - like its Chromebook and Tablet businesses - Google wants to have more control over hardware, and is using a manufacturer as a contractor to build its phones, rather than a partner who gets to share the limelight.

We don't know exactly when the Nexus phones will arrive, but rumours suggest we should see a launch at some point in September.