It is highly likely that Apple will release at least two new smartphones in around four weeks time, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, maybe an iPhone 7 Pro as well. Now a new report purportedly confirms two major features they should sport.

As has been speculated on many, previous occasions, Bloomberg's sources reveal that both handsets will come without a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, wired headphones will connect to the Lightning port, either natively or through an optional adapter. Alternatively, Bluetooth headphones will seem the way to go.

In addition, the news site claims that the iPhone 7s, rather than the iPhone 7 Pro, will have a dual camera system on the rear.

Again, this has been reported before, with images of a dual camera unit appearing on Chinese website Weibo in June. It was not known then what this could signify but one of Bloomberg's sources says that it provides brighter images with more detail. That's because each lens comes with its own sensor, so a single photo is a composite of two images captured at identical times.

Algorithms decide on the best, brightest and clearest aspects of each picture and merges them in real time.

Zoom is also improved, reveals the source.

The smaller of the two devices is thought to come without the new camera unit. That means the iPhone 7 could have some other camera wizardry up its sleeve.

We could find out for sure on 7 September - the current rumoured date for the next Apple launch event. That's also the same day Sony is holding an event in New York to potentially unveil the PlayStation Neo.