The new, high-powered PlayStation Neo will very likely be unveiled in September.

Sony has sent invites to US media for a PlayStation event scheduled on 7 September in New York City. It'll actually be held at the PlayStation Theatre, but the company is being coy about what it will announce or introduce, only saying that it plans to "share details about the PlayStation business". It of course will probably debut the upgraded PlayStation 4, which goes by the codename Neo.

The new device is thought to support 4K games and media. It will also come with more processing power, with the PlayStation VR headset in particular thought to benefit.

That is coming this October, but we're not sure if Sony will discuss a release date or pricing for the PlayStation Neo (AKA PS4.5 or PS4K) at its event. Many rumours have suggested that Neo will launch some time next year, even if shown in September. Keep in mind Sony has already confirmed a 4K PS4 is in the works.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told the Financial Times in June that Sony will sell both the PS4 and Neo through their life cycles, and that all Neo-compatible games will support the standard PS4, too.

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