With the Tokyo Game Show being held in September it was commonly believed that Sony would announce more details on its next generation console, codenamed PlayStation Neo, at that time. However, it could actually break cover sooner.

French website Gameblog claims that instead of use its TGS keynote to unveil the much-rumoured machine, Sony will host a dedicated event in New York. And it is planned for 7 September, it says.

The site explains that its sources are adamant that Sony's PlayStation arm is preparing a New York event "large enough" to "house a major announcement". It surmises that will be the PS Neo (or PS4K/PS4.5, as it has also been tagged in the past).

It is speculated that Sony has decided to hold a dedicated event early September in order to pip the presentation of the Nintendo NX. That new console is also rumoured to be unveiled the same month, with 12 September the current suggestion. An earlier PlayStation Neo announcement would certainly rock Nintendo's plans.

We'll know more soon, no doubt, as the rumour mill turns more quickly. But either way, an unveiling this year will certainly worry Microsoft, which isn't planning to reveal more about its own 4K gaming powerhouse, the Project Scorpio, until next.