The current Apple Watch was first announced almost two years ago so, in Apple tech cycle terms, it is due a refresh. And a senior, influential tech analyst has predicted just that.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has issued a research note to investors in which he predicts Apple will release an Apple Watch 2 before the end of 2016. In addition, he thinks that the upgraded device will sport built-in GPS, a faster TSMC processor, barometer and better water resistance.

He also claims that the new device will likely have a larger battery, with more charge to keep the Watch powered longer between charges.

In terms of design, he states that the new models will retain similar form factors to the last and will come in the same sizes: 42mm and 38mm. They will not have LTE connectivity, however, he says. They will still require connection to an iPhone for data and voice communications.

Kuo also predicts that a tweaked version of the current Apple Watch will also be launched this year. They will get processor and waterproofing bumps, but won't come with the GPS or barometer.

Of course, as an industry analyst, Kuo is unlikely to have inside knowledge so this is all to be taken as a pinch of salt. But his experience in Apple predictions still makes his predictions noteworthy.