Do you want to know what Sony's next flagship smartphone will look like? Then cast your eyes above.

GSMArena has published super crisp photos of the "Sony Xperia F8331", claiming they were slyly left behind in its tip box by a reader. If they are indeed legit, it's obvious that Sony is going for a design that's nothing like the Z lineup, though at the same time one might think of the new look as bland or maybe even predictable. It's hard to say that for sure however until can get our hands on it and review it in full.

We can see that the top and bottom of the phone are flat, and both sides of it are curved, while on the back there is a brush-metal finish and a fresh layout for the camera, including a dual-LED flesh. Also, at the bottom of the phone, there's a panel, as well as a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. As for the front, we can see front-facing stereo speakers and the NFC antenna.

The Xperia F8331 is thought to sport a slightly bigger 1080p screen than what the X Performance features, and it'll offer 4K video capture on both the front- and back-facing cameras. That's about all we can tell you for now. We don't even know when the device will launch, but IFA is around the corner, and Sony is scheduled to attend, so a September launch could be plausible.

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint's Sony hub for all the latest and breaking news in the meantime. Check out the gallery above, too, for a closer look at all the leaks.