Yet another iPhone 7 leak has surfaced online, showing the device's design more clearly than we've seen before. This most recent leak shows an actual real-life iPhone casing, in hand, and in good quality light and resolution. By the looks of things, everything we've read so far about Apple's upcoming smartphone is accurate. 

In the leak, we see yet again that the Cupertino-based company is sticking with a very similar design to the iPhone 6/6s, although there are a couple of subtle changes. Of course, that's presuming the leaks are genuine, which they seem to be.

Firstly, the camera cutout is much larger than the current camera ring, suggesting we'll see much better optics on the next Apple mobile. What's more, rather than have a separate part acting as the camera ring, the protrusion is built right in to the frame using the same piece of aluminium. The holes for the noise cancelling microphone, dual LED flash and Apple logo look mostly unchanged. 

The second most obvious change is the antenna band design. Rather than having plastic filler running along the top and bottom edge, along with the two bands straight across the device's back - effectively creating separate top and bottom metal panel - Apple is supposedly ditching the two parallel bands. With this method, only the bands running around the corners and along the very edges are retained.

This suggests quite clearly that Apple has developed a new way to build its external antennas for cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. 

Given the size of the casing, it seems this is the regular iPhone 7 rather than a plus-sized model. The lack of the rumoured dual-camera cutout also seems to suggest the same. 

Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone at some point in the third quarter. Its usual timeframe is around September/October, with retail launch before the holiday shopping season kicks in.