Considering what was on last week, including a Super Sunday of tennis, footy and F1, with the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and Euro 2016 finals, we decided to completely ignore it all and give you some prime alternatives in our weekly catch-up TV round-up.

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So sit back and enjoy our selection of top quality TV for the week we've just had.


Although Professor Brian Cox usually looks beyond our planet in his fascinating documentaries, this series instead examines spectacular sights and phenomena on Earth.

He scientifically explains how simple forces work their magnificent wonders to create our homelands.


This documentary was originally broadcast on BBC Three in May but got a second airing on BBC One and we're so glad it did.

At times uncomfortable viewing, others inspired journalism, it follows anti-Muslim hate group BAIR in an effort to understand what drives their spite and dangerous behaviour.

T in the Park_MG_5111

Stone Roses headlined on Friday, Calvin Harris Saturday and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the Sunday. The Beeb was there to bring each day's highlights of the biggest music festival in Scotland.

Channel 4safeword

Safeword is a comedy panel show presented by Rick Edwards and starring regular panellists David Morgan and Katherine Ryan.

It's very much based around social media and the use thereof. Even trolling each other is turned into a game.


The original Minder was definitely of its time, but still well worth a watch to see what kind of thing we enjoyed back in the 70s and 80s.

And yes, Dennis Waterman did sing the theme tune and hummed the theme tune.

Channel 473ec5ce3-faff-4fae-a2c9-4420d375ddf2

Channel 4 took three young couples and literally stripped them bare. All of their possessions, their clothes, phones, furniture, the lot, were removed to see how they could cope without even the basics in life.

They could then win back one thing each time, over time - what would they choose?

Channel 4grand-designs-ch4

We love a bit of Grand Designs. If nothing else, it shows us amazing homes that we cannot possibly afford, but with a few ideas that we could probably introduce into our own, more humble abodes.

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