It’s vital to utilize the security and anonymity of a VPN service in today’s hacker-heavy world, but most of them deliver protection at an inconvenient cost: a sluggish, slow-moving browsing experience.

That’s no longer a worry with HideMyAss!, a premium VPN which delivers a high-speed browsing experience with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from a top-tier VPN service. For a limited time, you can pick up a 2-year subscription to HideMyAss! VPN for only £50.40 ($69.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.

Named one of PC Mag’s Best VPN Services of 2016, HideMyAss delivers full security by letting you choose a virtual location from over 930 VPN servers in over 350 locations in over 190 countries.

You’ll be able to browse the internet in full confidence on up to two devices at once, with unlimited bandwidth and access to all the premium content you crave. That means you can get your Game of Thrones fix or watch the Olympic games this summer from anywhere in the world, while enjoying the protection of a high-powered VPN shield.

Meanwhile, hackers and identity thieves are regularly developing new techniques to access your data. With HideMyAss!, you can rest assured in knowing that prying eyes won’t infiltrate your sensitive information.

Whether connecting to a public Wi-Fi or surfing from your home network, you can cover all your bases by safeguarding your banking info, browsing history, personal activity, and more. Your 2-year subscription to HideMyAss! will block access from snooping significant others, government agencies and beyond.

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