If you're wondering what Google's next Nexus phones might look like, you'll want to check out a render that just surfaced.

Android Police, which has been publishing several leaks and rumours pertaining to the 2016 Nexus devices, has posted what it describes as a "recreation" of the upcoming phones based on evidence from an unnamed source. So, while the image (below) looks like an official press render, it's not. It's simply a concept, though one that's inspired by details coming from a supposedly-reliable source.

Android PoliceImage 2016-07-05 at 12.30.42 PM

Keep in mind the final design of these Nexus phones, which are thought to be called Marlin and Sailfish, might differ in the end. For instance, the software home button could be solid white or the previously-leaked, colourful design. Also, the "G" logo on the back might go away, and it's unclear if HTC, the maker of these handsets, will include a logo, but the consensus is it won't.

Android Police didn't have exact dimensions and measurements for these phones, so edges and curves could be different. Still, it believes Marlin and Sailfish will basically look like what's pictured. There's no camera bump visible, and there's a glossy plastic (could be glass) pane on the back. The rear of the phones also has a fingerprint scanner and curves around the edges.

The rear also shows antenna bands on the bottom and top, with three holes next to the camera. Those could be mics, auto-focus, a secondary sensor... who knows. As for the front, you can see a single earpiece speaker, front-facing camera, and small sensor cluster. If you're curious about which Nexus has been recreated, it's both. They'll look alike but with different proportions.

Both phones will sport aluminium bodies, for instance, and they'll come in the colours white or dark grey/black. Google is reportedly also considering an "electric blue" version that has a white face with a glossy-blue back.

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