Microsoft has launched its annual Xbox summer sale, the Ultimate Game Sale, for 2016 and there are more than 170 digital items and games on offer with up to 75 per cent off.

Xbox Live Gold members get better bargains, but even if you don't subscribe to the monthly service you can build a healthy Xbox One or Xbox 360 games library for a lot less than normal. Many major triple-A games are included too, so if you haven't got one or two or them already, now's the time.

With so many games discounted, we've decided to pick a few that stand out for us. If you spot any massive bargains that we've not included, let us and the rest of the readers know in the comments below.

Please also note that all the prices listed below are with the additional Gold member discount. The non-subscriber discount is about 10 per cent less than each game's RRP.


Ubisoft set its latest tale in London and with horse drawn carriage chases and "cor, blimey guv'ners" abounding it turned out to be a jolly good jaunt. Definitely worth just over a "score".

2K GamesScreenshot_1_tif_jpgcopy

Collecting remastered versions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this set was always great value for money. Now even more so.

Electronic Artsdragon-age-inquisition

Bioware's two-year old RPG more than holds its own in recent company and the Game of the Year Edition comes with the three major DLC add-ons included. Not bad for £12.


We're big fans of this indie hit, which puts you on a dungeon crawl like few others.

2K Games2K_Evolve_E3_Screenshot_02

Although the multiplayer-only game was overshadowed by others on its release, it is still a blast playing as the monster against a bunch of hapless heroes in five-player action.


One of the greatest games of last year is now very affordable indeed.


A simply brilliant first-person shooter that is made all the more brilliant by being available for less than a tenner. You can even get the Gold Edition, with all the DLC, for just £10 more.

343 Industriesh5-guardians-warzone-arc-combined-fire-jpg

It's the latest Halo, innit!

Square Enix01

The massive, open-world blast was one of our unsung heroes of last year, so well worth a stab at less than half price.

Warner Broslego-star-wars

With Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens now available, here's a cheap and chearful set of all the previous games in the series (expect for Clone Wars, but we don't talk about that).

Square Enix949700

This is one of the best adventure games on the Xbox One and it's now available for almost the same price as one episode when it was released as a series.

Deep SilverMetro Redux - Preview 1

Two full first-person shooters for six squids? You absolutely cannot go wrong. The remastered versions of Metro 2033 and Metro Last light are both decent on their own.


A follow-up is coming this December, so now's the time to play the first South Park role-playing game. Clever and hilarious.


Another of our unsung heroes, we're big fans of the open-world zombie survival game and this is a great opportunity to get it ahead of the sequel coming next year.

Electronic Artsstar_wars_battlefront__4-17_d

It's Star Wars Battlefront along with five exclusive in-game items for less than half its price on release.

Electronic ArtsUnravel

This cute and emotional puzzle-platformer is worthy for anyone's Xbox One collection.


Watch Dogs 2 is coming soon and you can get a taster of what to expect with the slightly flawed but still highly playable original. All the DLC is included in the Complete Edition.

CD Projekt RED / The Witcher III: Wild HuntThe_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Geralt_monster_fight copy

Still possibly the best game on this current generation of consoles - definitely in the top three. Just prepare to lose all your spare time after you get sucked into Geralt of Rivia's world.


Bonkers FPS set in an alternate universe where the Nazis won. Great fun, chaotic stuff.

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