Choosing a new smartphone isn't as simple as it used to be. They may not come in more than one shape, but they do come in lots of different sizes, with plenty different features and most importantly, at plenty of different price points.

There are numerous factors that come into play when upgrading your smartphone. For some the camera is super important, for others it will be the battery life, or perhaps the addition of a fingerprint sensor.

These days it isn't just the flagship smartphones that offer these features. There are a new breed of smartphones in town - the mid-rangers - that offer almost flagship specs but at a lower price.

That's what this feature is all about: it's for those looking for a new smartphone that isn't necessarily bargain bucket, but won't break the bank either. We have rounded up the best devices that sit between the £200 mark and the £350 mark, all fully reviewed here on Pocket-lint.

Here's our choice for the best all-round Android budget smartphone under £350 on the market at the moment...

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The OnePlus 3 succeeded the OnePlus 2 mentioned earlier, and bumped the price up to £329, making it the most expensive on this list. It has since been succeeded itself by the OnePlus 3T, but that has a £399 price tag so didn't make the cut for this list.

Despite no longer being the newest device from OnePlus, the 3 has a lovely bright and colourful AMOLED display, a speedy performance, super quick charging and an excellent build quality.

The camera isn't quite as good as OnePlus claims and there is no expandable storage but as is always the case with OnePlus devices, it delivers incredible value for money. The OnePlus 3 offers many of the same features and specifications of devices twice the price, which is why it sits at the top this list.

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The OnePlus 3 might not be for everyone, and there are plenty of other great budget smartphones under £350 to consider whatever budget you are on. If £200 is stretching too far, then check out our best budget smartphones under £200 feature, or if you want a round up of the best smartphones across all budgets, we have a feature for that too.

Here are the ones that you should also consider:

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Motorola might have refreshed its Moto X range of smartphones for 2016, but that doesn't mean 2015's X Play model should be ignored.

The Moto X Play has plenty going for its £279 price tag. First and foremost, it has a fantastic battery life, but there are other positives too. The design can be personalised with Moto Maker, there is minimal bloatware and the camera is better than the previous generation.

It might not be hugely exciting and it lacks a fingerprint sensor, but the performance of the Moto X Play is slick for a mid range handset and it's a solid handset.

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The Oppo F1 Plus is one of the newer devices on this list, but it is also one of the more expensive at £299.

It features an attractive slim metal build, along with a great display, solid battery life and a very quick fingerprint sensor. Its operating system isn't as nice and clean as the likes of Motorola's and the metal body is easily scratched but as an overall package, it's hard to be critically damning.

The addition of VOOC charging technology is another plus for the Oppo F1 Plus and although it has some stiff competition, it's a handset well worthy of consideration.

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The Motorola Moto G4 Plus is the larger and more expensive version of the Moto G4, adding a better camera and fingerprint sensor for £50 increase in price tag, putting it at £229.

Like the cheaper device, the G4 Plus is bigger and bolder than the 2015 model, while offering a solid battery life and microSD expansion.

Despite the Plus adding a fingerprint sensor however, it doesn't offer NFC so like the Honor 7 and OnePlus 2, Android Pay is not supported. The Moto G4 Plus is a great device, but its biggest competition comes from the standard G4, which does much of what you'll need just fine.

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Like the Motorola Moto X Play, the Honor 7 isn't one of the newest smartphones on this list, but it's a great one for its £250 price tag.

You get a great build quality, coupled with decent cameras, a good battery life and a fingerprint reader. It doesn't have everything though, missing out of NFC so Android Pay isn't compatible, as we mentioned, and like the Oppo, the software is cluttered.

The Honor 7 is an impressive smartphone for its asking price though, offering a device that doesn't compromise too heavily on build quality or performance.

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The OnePlus 2 was the second "flagship killer" to come from the Chinese company, combining top-end features with an affordable price point of £239.

It might be well over a year old but it was an exceptional device when it launched, offering a great build quality, smooth operation and a great battery life.

There are a couple of things missing including NFC and microSD expansion, plus it has now been replaced by the OnePlus 3, but overall, the OnePlus 2 offers exceptional value.

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The Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 is pretty much a rebadged Alcatel Idol 4S and although it is tied into Vodafone, it offers great value for money for its £300 price tag.

The display offers a brilliant resolution, the build quality is good and it has decent stereo speakers on board too.

There are some GPU limitations and the camera isn't the best, but as an overall package, the Vodafone Platinum 7 is one of the best phones you can buy around the £300 mark. There is power and elegance beyond what the price tag suggests.

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