Overwhelming evidence supports the idea that Linux system administration is one of the most in-demand skills in IT.  

The 2015 Linux Jobs Report indicates that 97 per cent of hiring managers prioritize Linux talent in their hiring decisions, while 44 per cent of hiring managers are more likely to hire a candidate with Linux certification.

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Doubts about the value of Linux? The numbers don’t lie: Linux powers 94 per cent of the world’s supercomputers, including the bulk of servers powering the internet, as well as the lion’s share of financial trades worldwide and over a billion Android devices.

Linux is growing rapidly with clear reason, and experts are needed to utilize the foundation for a wide range of architectures and hardware. There are presently 50,000+ open job listings focusing on Linux on dice.com - all you need to dive into virtually endless opportunity is completion of The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle.

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Included in this bundle:

  • The Ultimate Red Hat Linux Training
  • Learn App Development Using Linux
  • Comprehensive Training in Unix and Linux Fundamentals
  • The Ultimate Kali Linux and Penetration Testing Training
  • Bash Scripting in Linux
  • Linux OS OpenSUSE
  • Learn Linux Administration With Python

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