Ever since Dredd 3D graced our cinema screens in 2012 there have been calls for a sequel. A petition was even created by 2000ad and its owner Rebellion to bring the rebooted movie version of Judge Dredd back for another outing.

In more recent times, it has been suggested that although a new film is still being explored, a Dredd TV series is also being discussed, with rumours suggesting Netflix, Amazon and HBO could be interested. And star Karl Urban has said that he'd like to don the helmet again on TV or film.

Those rumours were stoked further during Denver Comic Con earlier this week, when Urban hinted that Dredd 2 was in development. But the Star Trek actor has since clarified on Twitter that is not quite the case: "Unfortunately a sequel is no closer to happening," he wrote on 22 June. "Options have been discussed but there is no sequel in development."

We have confirmation of that here at Pocket-lint; development definitely hasn't started. But we can reveal that talks are ongoing about a Dredd sequel and/or a full Dredd TV series.

We caught up with Jason Kingsley at the recent E3 videogames expo in Los Angeles. He is co-founder and CEO of Rebellion which, as well as make games like the forthcoming Sniper Elite 4 and Battlezone, owns and publishes 2000ad. He also had approval over many of the props and details during the filming of Dredd 3D, and he talked candidly with us about the status of the Dredd movie and TV prospects.

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"We really want to get more TV stuff made and movie stuff made. There's stuff happening in the background that's really exciting," he told us. "We're a long way from anything announcing, but we're working hard on that.

"It's got to be done right. It's almost worse to do something and do it badly, than not at all."

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It is the TV show idea that is the more likely route to bring Dredd back to our screens, something that Kingsley thinks would work wonderfully.

"Dredd's world deserves a TV show. Several probably. Several box sets, actually. Six at least," he partly joked, although the idea certainly appeals.

"You could tell so many stories. There are so many brilliant epics. You could imagine one series of Dredd doing another Cursed Earth run."

Kingsley also confirmed that, should Dredd come back to our screens, big or small, Urban is still first choice to be the lead.

"Karl's a great guy, we know him well," he said.

"He's a big 2000ad fan - a genuine 2000ad fan. People say they're a 2000ad fan but you ask them about details and they start to go all twitchy. Karl though is genuine. I think he brought that to the character, his childhood interpretation of it."

The likelihood of hearing anything about the Dredd show or Dredd 2 in the coming weeks is slim. But at least we now know it is a real possibility.

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