Ready to code like a pro? Swift is the shiny new language released by Apple in 2014 to simplify the job of coding for iOS and OS X, making iPhone app creation an all-inclusive experience.

In the Swift Programming from Scratch: Interactive Learning Platform course, you’ll learn how to program from scratch using Swift and learn many fundamental concepts. No prior programming experience is required to get a running start in the world of coding! For a short time, you can pick up this great offer for just £6.94 ($10) on Pocket-lint Deals.

Swift enables you to create custom data types using structures and classes, both striving for the same goal - to allow storage and passage of data through your code. With the Swift Programming from Scratch course, you’ll explore over 100 interactive exercises to master programming fundamentals applicable not just to your iOS coding projects, but also towards any other language you hope to master. Along the way, you’ll receive feedback from the automated training app, so you can stay clear on your progress as you learn at your own pace, one concept at a time.

Designed for people with no prior coding experience, this Swift programming course is ideal for anyone eager to learn the ropes of programming or how to make an app. You’ll even develop an understanding in Xcode along the way, familiarizing yourself with Apple's integrated development environment.

Ready to head down the path toward mastery of Apple’s iOS and OS X platforms? Get started today for just £6.94 ($10) from Pocket-lint Deals.