Forget about this year's new iPhone; the 2017 model is where it's at.

A slew of reports came out today revealing Apple's next iPhone - thought to be called the iPhone 7 - will release this autumn with a design that closely resembles the last two generations. The phone will only have "subtle design" changes, including a missing head phone jack. The 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes will remain the same, meaning Apple will break away from tradition this year by not overhauling the iPhone.

Apple typically completely switches up the design of the iPhone every two years, but apparently, the company is changing that to three years this time around. According to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 7 won't look very different from the iPhone 6/6S, but the iPhone coming out in 2017 will look totally different. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor, for instance, will be built into the display, thanks to Jony Ive.

Apple's design chief has "for years" wanted the iPhone to look like a "single sheet of glass". So, he ditching the home button as we currently know it, plus he's considering a curved, edge-to-edge OLED screen. Keep in mind 2017 just so happens to be the iPhone's 10th anniversary. We can therefore assume that Apple wants to go big with the iPhone that year. But that also means this year's iPhone might be a little boring.

The upcoming iPhone 7 is thought to feature improved water resistance, a thinner body, and a dual-camera system. Check out Pocket-lint's round-up for more information on iPhone 7 news, leaks, and rumours.