Whether you grew up daydreaming of disappearing into your own video game world, or you’re looking for a new frontier for creative expression, you can master the popular and ever-evolving world of gaming with The Mega Game Design Bundle.

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This bundle of online courses aims to set you up with a strong foundation of game design with over 128 hours of content, guiding you from the building-block basics to high-level game design. You’ll dive into artwork and graphics, character animation, modeling and GUI, as well as choose from a wide variety of themes with which to quickly craft games: cartoons, space shooters, and more.

Learn how to animate characters and model 2D and 3D images as you come to master the basics of 3ds Max, and utilize it to create real-life projects. You’ll make custom 2D game art in Inkscape, and get familiar with the Unity 3D game engine, even if you have no prior coding experience.

Here are the courses included in your bundle:

  • Game Design Assets from GameArt2D
  • Professional Video Game Art School Course
  • Assets from Simirk Graphics
  • Create Original Vector Game Art for Free with Inkscape
  • Game Programming with Unity
  • 2D Video Game Character Animation for Beginners
  • Designing Gamification
  • Learn the "Hand-Painted" Texturing Style for Video Games
  • Learn to Model and Texture 3D Assets for Mobile Games

Start designing the games you’ve been dreaming of playing, and make your mark in the industry with the Mega Game Design Bundle, now £33.86 ($49) from Pocket-lint Deals.