Sony PlayStation VR was released at the tail end of last year and the £349 virtual reality headset should soon be back in stock to order.

But what should you play after you finally make the plunge? The headset comes with a demo disc with tasters of several titles, but you'll need more than that to make the most of the PSVR's talents.

Thankfully, we've been testing different games for the headset and can give you a real heads up on the ones we think are the very best available now and yet to come.

Sony hasn't been shy in ensuring support for the device. There are more than 70 games available or coming soon, so check these out.

Here's the game we continually return to on PSVR, even after we've completed it many times...


Batman: Arkham VR, is one of the best VR games for the PlayStation VR and really shows what is possible. 

Constructed of several mini-games that make up the chapters in a puzzle-adventure, Batman: Arkham VR really gives you the feeling of what it must be like to be Batman himself.

You start as Bruce Wayne and then descend into the Batcave in order to don the entire Batman get-up. Each item, such as gloves and cowl, has different actions to perform and it'll make comic fans giddy with excitement.

Throughout the course of the rest of the game, you get to visit a grubby Gotham alleyway and meet several classic villains along the way. It's jaw-dropping at times. To be honest though, just being able to step into the Batshoes is enough for us, everything else is a bonus.

PRICE: £15.99 / $19.99,,

Batman: Arkham VR isn't for everyone though, and there are plenty of other great games to consider if you want to fully immerse yourself into your games. Here are the titles you should also consider...

Sony Computer EntertainmentFarpoint

Farpoint is one of the best VR experiences we've ever had.

Paired with the PS VR Aim Controller, it's a fully immersive first-person shooter - but that gun peripheral makes all the difference, because it's so much more comfortable to use than a smaller Move controller trigger.

The game itself pairs shooting with exploration, in a vast land that's beautifully crafted. You'll spend as much time looking around as you will frantically shooting acid-spitting spiders and legging it about all over the place.

Described by Sony as an unnerving VR space adventure set on a hostile alien planet, your mission is to to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, before a rupture transports you to an unknown alien world.

We're definitely excited about Farpoint, as it feels like more than just a quick VR experience. We're expecting it to arrive around June time.


Battlezone is based on the classic Atari arcade game from the 80s but ramps up the action considerably. It feels almost like being inside Tron. With guns. And tanks.

We think Battlezone works a treat as an arcade-style game to casually dip into and play, although there's plenty of progression and great depth too. You command a tank, using your head's position to target, and the DualShock 4 controller to fire and manoeuvre around the various arena types.

It's got great style and floaty movement that works a treat for a virtual reality experience - we didn't feel queasy like we have in some VR games before now.

It is already available now, so you can play it straight away.

UbisoftStar Trek Bridge Crew

Okay, so we're cheating here a little bit, because we played Star Trek VR on Oculus Rift - but it's coming to PSVR too (and HTC Vive).

In a chance encounter during E3 in June, LeVar Burton (as in the Geordi La Forge) was playing alongside us as one of the four crew members on the bridge. And, no, he wasn't playing the engineering role.

Bridge Crew is a real-time VR experience, with each player of four taking on the roles of Captain, Engineer, Tactical and Helm. You all combine to assist one another in achieving goals as set by Starfleet. And we've loved each assignment we've played so far.

It'll have online multiplayer so you don't have to set up four PS4s and headsets in your home (unless you want to) and there'll be a fair few missions to complete. It really feels like you're actually on the bridge of a USS starship.

It'll be available from 14 March.

CapcomResident Evil 7 Biohazard VR

Resident Evil 7 is pant-wettingly scary stuff. Put it in VR and it's even more so. We were reluctant to give it a go, to be honest!

The game will be playable in 2D too, but we played a demo on the show floor at E3 in June and it freaked us out.

The demo wasn't actually part of the main game, but was designed to show off what will be on offer, minus the combat side of things in the full game. The main release will be playable from beginning to end in PSVR though.

Anyone who's seen the trailer will know the dark style and jump-out moments. You're locked in a creepy house, where there are dead crows in the microwave, burnt dolls in the hallway, and all manner of other creepy, evil things on show. The goal is to get out, with a variety of ways available to do so.

Despite there being no combat, a falling mannequin made us physically jump (we know, we're squeamish), so Resi is certainly drawing on what it knows best. It's got all the scares.

Release date is 24 January 2017. We're not sure we'll sleep before then.

Square EnixFinal Fantasy XV VR Experience

Final Fantasy 15 was released at the end of 2016, but you'll have to wait a bit longer for this VR Experience extra. It is coming separate to the main game as downloadable content and we're still not yet sure when.

It could be worth the wait though.

Using a Move controller to mimmick a gun within the arena, there are two controls to takedown your giant foe: trigger, to fire, and the centre button to teleport around the arena, position determined by looking around at different blue orbs.

Tactically dodge and shoot frantically until that trigger-finger feels sore - which was an issue. It's one of the simpler VR experiences we've had, because it felt so easy to play, but for Final Fantasy fans it's an extra lick of virtual reality fun. 

Sony Computer EntertainmentUntil Dawn: Rush of Blood

VR does lend itself to sinister, creepy horror, doesn't it? So here's another title, a twist on Sony's Until Dawn. Rush of Blood. However, it's in rollercoaster form.

Yep, you're on a single track, with creepy clowns and meathooks galore. Use your head to duck and dodge from on-coming obstacles, while using two Move controllers as guns to not only shoot creepy clown enemies but score points by breaking targets throughout.

The motion in Rush of Blood will certainly get to some people; there's a point where the coaster drops and it made our actual stomach turn. Although that impactful moment shows the game does what its title says, at least.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was a launch game, so available now.

Sony Computer EntertainmentRIGS_Screen_Nevada_PSVR_B0002_1465878187

Putting you in control of giant mechanoids is a great idea for VR, especially with multiplayer, competitive matches on offer.

Futuristic sports themes feature throughout, and the game can also be played single-player, with AI friends and foes.

We've played a fair amount of one of the modes, which features a round of a game a bit like basketball, except your giant mech is the ball. Power up through blasting the other team, then leap into a central, circular basket to score points.

The only issue we had is that, with such frantic action, it quickly disorients if you're not used to fast moving VR experiences. We suggest, therefore, that you get used to the PSVR with other games before heading into the world of RIGS.

Its available now.

Pocket-lintDriveClub PlayStation VR-3

We played a spot of DriveClub VR at Paris Games Week at the end of 2015 and came away convinced that virtual reality and racing games are a perfect match.

We've since played the full release and our opinion has been reinforced. Driving in VR works beautifully, you even make extra effort to avoid other cars and race correctly when you feel more immersed.

When we first played it, we used a steering wheel and race seat combo, which are ideal to enhance the experience, but we've also had great fun playing the game with just a DualShock 4 controller since.

You can also enjoy it now as it's on the PlayStation Store.

CCP Gameseve-valkyrie-cross-platform-5

EVE: Valkyrie was one of the first games we ever played in virtual reality - on this generation of devices anyway - and it has come a long way since the early tech demos three or so years ago.

Giant space battles are simply awesome when experienced in a VR headset, PSVR included, and as it places you inside a ship, where you can even see your virtual legs when you look down, you are grounded enough to play for long periods without queasiness.

There are loads of single-player missions to enjoy, plus online multiplayer, and the graphics are superb throughout. You can really tell that CCP has been working on this game for a long time.

It is available now.

Frame InteractiveHM_Keeper_1080

Indie game Headmaster has been one of our favourite PSVR titles so far. Its premise is simple, you literally use your head (and shoulders to avoid whiplash) to perform headers on footballs fired your way.

There are different stages, goals and targets to hit, but the best part of the game is that it is generally funny. The comedy reminds us of games such as The Stanley Parable, with excellent narration and amusing events.

You won't find too much else to do in Headmaster, but it is one of the games we've found ourselves coming back to over and over again.


Rez Infinite isn't just any old game, it's quite possibly the most mesmerising experience you can have in virtual reality.

Anyone familiar with the original Rez will understand the concept. It's essentially a rail shooter, where enemies travel at speed towards your floating, disembodied self. You have to aim a reticle at them to dispatch them in time with some incredible thumping beats.

In VR though it takes on another life. You can play it normally on a PS4, but you'll be missing out on the kind of immersion only a headset and an incredibly well-thought out game can provide.

Rez Infinite is available now. 


Like Resident Evil 7, Here They Lie is a creepy, scary adventure where the sense of terror is enhanced through the use of virtual reality.

However, unlike Resi, Here They Lie is available now so if that's your sort of bag, you can give it a go straight away.

We will warn you though that as it's a first-person game where you can wander in different directions to where you are looking, it can induce nausea unless you either have a very strong stomach or try to restrict looking around too much when walking.

The black and white visuals though are stunning, especially when punctuated by a dash of colour here and there. And if you're after something quite unsettling in imagery and theme, this is definitely up your street.

Oasis GamesWeeping Doll4

Weeping Doll is another scary game but not in the same sense of Resident Evil 7 or Here They Lie. Instead, it is just odd and disturbing in its locations and imagery. There's something about abandoned kids' toys that'll do that every time.

It is more a puzzle adventure than survival horror, echoing classic games like 7th Guest with distinct riddles and devices to unravel in rooms throughout a spooky mansion. And thanks to a clever warping movement mechanic, it's not dizzying or physically unsettling.

You can nab your copy now.

Oasis GamesAce Banana1

Chinese publisher Oasis Games has several PSVR titles lined up and Ace Banana is one of the more standard virtual reality gaming experiences.

It gives you a bow and arrow to fire at monkeys who are trying to steal your bananas, so places you in a sited position and therefore is one of the most comfortable VR experiences. You use the PlayStation Move controllers to ape (geddit?) proper firing and it becomes second nature after a short amount of time playing.

There are plenty of levels and a fun, cartoon feel to the whole proceedings. Great for quick plays when you haven't got much else to do.