PlayStation VR is almost upon us, with its release date set for 13 October, priced £349. And at this year's E3 gaming expo Sony has been pushing the product hard, with a variety of games that have blown our minds.

There's even a new gun-shaped controller, called the PS Aim Controller, which will coincide with the release of Farpoint, a first-person shooter-slash-exploration game designed to make the most out of the peripheral.

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PS VR doesn't rest on Sony's development shoulders though, with lots of third-party support titles emerging from Capcom, Warner, Ubisoft, Rebellion and beyond. Scare yourself silly in Resident Evil 7, play Captain (Kirk) in Star Trek Bridge Crew or Batman in Arkham VR, or float around and shoot the tanks to pieces in Battlezone.

That's the exciting thing about virtual reality: it can be applied to so many genres and styles of games with different effect. And given that all you really need to get going with PS VR is a PlayStation 4 console (and camera), it'll be the most accessible high-quality VR setup available - it's a lot more affordable than HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

It feels as though we're on the cusp of a VR revolution, and having scoured the halls at the E3 gaming expo and played as many demos as possible, these are our favourite PS VR titles from the show floor, with running commentary about what we made of each experience.

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