The Apple iPhone 7 has had quite a few leaks but not a lot of photos showing the front of the handset, until now. The latest shot shockingly shows the home button has been dumped completely.

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The leaked photo was sent to MobiPicker by one of its sources. According to the leakster this photo shows a touch sensitive 'pad' instead of a physical button.

The claimed reason for ditching the button is that it can go wrong and be expensive to replace. We're taking that with a pinch of salt. However a touch sensitive home button would make sense as it could allow for more ease of interaction. Plus rumours of the home button being ditched have already been floating about.

The source says you'll be able to press and hold for Siri, double tap for running apps and, of course, hold to unlock using TouchID. This, the source claims, "might be significantly smoother and faster due to this change".

The photo also shows that the top and bottom bezels are slimmer plus the front camera and proximity sensor have been moved.

While we have heard previous rumours of the iPhone 7 ditching the home button we're still not taking this as fact. We'll have to wait until the expected September unveil to find out everything.


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