It's not that we're ungrateful. E3 has delivered a bumper crop of exciting games that we'll get to play in 2016 and beyond. It even lifted the lid on Microsoft's new 4K-capable Xbox consoles, the Slim and Project Scorpio, and set a release date for PlayStation VR.

We're simply greedy. Ahead of the show there was lots of talk about various titles - from Red Dead Redemption 2, to a Wolfenstein sequel, with even a titter of The Last of Us 2 - that didn't show face, some of which we really expected to see.

Sure, we can't live in a world of perpetual sequels with no room for true creativity. Games like Days Gone, Steep, Scalebound and other reimaginations such as God of War (ok, so that is a sequel, but it's a different take) have excited.

Even so, here's our list of sequels and games that we had hoped to see at E3 2016. Including some that might seem fairly far-fetched.

There's been talk of Red Dead 2 for some time, but for good reason: a leaked map seemingly suggested that the game was deep in production and about to be shown. Some have even suggested it was pulled from Sony's pre-E3 conference at the last minute. We're not sure that's true, but we do think the game will show face in the coming years. Here's hoping, as it's one of Rockstar's true classics - and with the power on hand from the current-gen of consoles we suspect it'll look amazing too.


Another that was largely expected to be shown at Bethesda's pre-E3 conference, in particular because the pre-Quake presentation had an apparent MSDOS style reference to the game. How cryptic. Given that id software has had success with revamped Doom and the just-announced Quake Champions looks set to please battle arena players, timing looks good for a Wolfenstein revamp - particularly given how under-rated the last game was.

Love it or loathe it, The Evil Within's dark horror captured a fanbase in little time. Just two years on from the game's release seems rather soon to be talking about a sequel, but it was high up the suggestions list ahead of this year's E3.

Pocket-lintThe Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729162735

Sat in Sony's pre-E3 conference we were thinking this would be Sony's “one more thing” moment (ok, so we said that last year too). But it wasn't to be: instead the new Days Gone was shown in playable gameplay depth - which looks both terrifying and incredible by the way - rather than the return of Ellie. One not to be rushed, we suspect, given how picture perfect the original game was.

Okay, we know this isn't strictly a sequel, but CD Project Red is at E3 2016, behind closed doors, and was taking appointments ahead of time to show off a new game. We know Cyberpunk 2077 is coming, so we though this might well be the stage for it. But, nope, the Gwent card game from Witcher 3 has been expanded upon and made into a game of its own right instead. Which is kind of cool, but we want to see more badass female androids and machine guns right about now. Here's to next year on this one. Maybe?

Ys NetScreen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.27.25

Ok, so we're probably clutching at straws here. But after successful crowdfunding for Yu Suzuki's third chapter to the Shenmue series we though we might get a tease of how the upcoming title might look. Given the stage Sony gave this game at last year's E3, to go dead silent on the progress of the game perhaps seems odd.

Similar to above here: we know that FFVII is getting reworked, as confirmed at E3 2015, but that's as far as it goes right about now. Perhaps Square Enix leaving breathing space for Final Fantasy 15 (FFXV)'s imminent launch is the sensible priority for 2016.

Valve / Portal 2screenshot-2

The first-person puzzle game to beat all others, Portal 2 was one of our favourite gaming moments ever. Rarely is something so genius, so accessible, and yet so different to anything else ever made.

That was five years ago. And given that title's success, surely publisher Valve has the incentive to be working on the follow-up, perhaps even in an HTC Vive-compatible VR form?

We've seen no suggestion of this game existing, of course, we just have wishful thinking.


Ok, so our suggestions are getting ever more “just because”, and this is yet another one angled at Valve, but Half-Life 2 was one of the best first-person shooters ever.

It's been years since the last title, plus there was even a moment when a follow-up was in early production (collaboratively with Arkane Studios, which has since been canned). Wishful thinking for the time being, then, but here's hoping for the future.


For Nintendo to dedicate its entire E3 floor space to Zelda was brave. It was also quite amazing - in a positive way - given the tranquility and setup of the stand.

Anyway, it also goes right in the face of the already-announced Nintendo NX console, which is due in 2017. Other than Zelda what's going to launch with that? We don't know. But we thought Ninty might be pushing a new Mario or Donkey Kong title already.

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