Advanced Python mastery offers far more than a resumé boost and expanded skill set.

Python is a widely-used general purpose programming language, powering many of your favorite sites and apps: YouTube, Amazon, and more. And a Python programmer’s average salary is £73,700 ($107,000)--one of the most lucrative in the tech sector.

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You can learn the foundations without any prior experience, starting with the Beginner Python Programming course. Explore the core points of the language used to create Web platforms, develop video game, and more. You’ll understand how to plan and organize code for computer programs, as well as debug them so they run smoothly. Your progression through the course will help you master functions, variables, loops, dictionaries, and other facets of the Python language.

After conquering the first course, you’ll step into the big leagues with the Advanced Python Programming course. Soon, you’ll master advanced uses of Python syntax--loops, dictionaries, lists, and more--even creating two projects along the way. In addition, you’ll dive into how to write a Graphic User Interface (GUI), and interface between web servers and executable programs using Common Gateway Scripts.

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