Microsoft has unveiled the new Xbox One S (aka Xbox One Slim) during its media briefing prior to the E3 2016 show kicking off.

It launched the device as the very first thing shown during the briefing to many whoops and cheers, not least because its price will start at a very reasonable $299.

The Xbox One S is 40 per cent smaller than the current model, comes in white but its headline feature is that it comes with 4K HDR video output.

That means it will carry Netflix 4K from launch.

Perhaps more surprising, considering the leaks beforehand, is that games will also be presented with high dynamic range (HDR) tech too, for users with TVs capable of displaying such a deep range of colours and contrast.

The slimmer console can also be spec’ed up to a 2TB hard drive.

A new, better controller will accompany it.


No date for the Xbox One S was revealed during the event, but we expect to see more in the coming days during E3.

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What’s for sure is that Sony, which is due to have its similar E3 briefing later today, will have to go some to top the announcement.

We’re at E3 all this week to bring you more.