The bulkiness of old school keychains is a relic of an era when form and function didn’t cooperate, but technology has made great strides since those original-design days - and it's time to bring your most frequently-used necessities up to date.

Ditch the poking annoyance of a pocketful of keys with S-Key Organizer and 16GB USB Key Drive, allowing you to store up to 8 keys in a stylish and gorgeously compact leather clip.

With a built-in 16GB key-shaped hard drive to top it off, your S-Key is the modern upgrade your pockets have been waiting for - and the resourcefulness you’ve been missing. Sure, your wardrobe may even thank you, now that your keys are snugly organized and won’t be tearing at the fabric of your pants. For a limited time, you can pick it up at 22 per cent off on Pocket-lint Deals.

The S-Key’s flexible functionality is half its charm. Add additional keys or gate remotes with the included outer attachment clip, and organize your essentials like a space-saving master. The USB drive covers your modern necessities, with a quick 16GB on hand for easy file transfers and backup, no matter where you may be in the world. Add the simple and sleek design style, and you’ve got a gorgeous key loop with class.

Upgrade and keep it simple with the S-Key Organizer and 16GB USB Key Drive, now £26.01 ($38) with free U.S. shipping on Pocket-lint Deals.