E3 2017 is coming up fast, with the videogames show officially opening its doors on starting on Tuesday 13 June.

But this year the action starts on the Saturday beforehand, earlier than ever before. There are press events taking place across the weekend, with many of the regulars switching dates and times.

Thankfully, Sony isn't one of them. It will be hosting its PlayStation E3 Media Showcase in same timeslot adhered to in many years.

There is bound to be a livestream on the day too, so here are the time and date details to ensure you mark it in your calendar.

Sony will host its annual E3 press conference on Monday 12 June at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall. It's the same location used last year.

The press conference itself starts at 6pm (PT). That's 2am, Tuesday 13 June in the UK, sorry.

It traditionally runs for two hours.

Pocket-lint has received an official invitation so we'll be bringing you our thoughts as it happens.

SonyPlayStation E3 2017 invite

There will undoubtedly be several places where you will be able to watch the PlayStation E3 conference live. And we are likely to be hosting it here on Pocket-lint too, as usual.

Last year, Sony also screened the event live in over 80 movie theatres in the US and Canada. Watch out for local information as to whether that'll happen again and if you need to apply to get tickets.