The hassle of offline file transfers are a shining example of modern tech’s growing pains, as most current methods require time and relative complication.

A fix has been found in the ZeroLemon 64GB iMemStick, an MFi-certified tool to share your data between all your iOS devices, Macs, and PCs with ease. For a limited time, Pocket-lint readers can get this great tool for just £54.71 ($79.99)

Simplicity is key, and ZeroLemon iMemStick rises to the challenge by simply plugging into your iPhone or iPad Lightning port, acting immediately as a flash drive for copying files. You can then plug it directly into your PC or Mac’s USB port, and immediately access your files, manipulating them however you’d like.

Here’s additional value: the ability to play audio and video files directly from the iMemStick, allowing you to watch downloaded content anytime without taking up space on a device. You'll also be able to back up your data for a sense of security no matter what unexpected misadventures your iPhone may endure (knock on wood!).

Eliminate the headaches of storage limits on your phone or other devices once and for all. The ZeroLemon 64GB iMemStick is a great way to move data between devices on your own terms, with or without a connection, and save you from those exorbitant storage-upgrade fees.

Skip the cloud and end the storage space hassles once and for all - pick up your own iMemStick today for 60 per cent off from Pocket-lint Deals.