As sure as England is to have rain in the summer, the iPhone 7 is going to get a Rose Gold variant – and now it's leaked.

The rear casing of what's claimed to be an iPhone 7, and looks like previous leaks, has appeared online in Rose Gold. The leak, via China's Weibo and Steve Hemmerstoffer's keen eye, shows the phone minus a dual rear camera.

The photo also shows the top and bottom bumper style finishes where the antennas are reportedly going to appear. The current plastic bands sit around the middle of the phone. Knowing Apple this move is likely a way to offer better reception, as opposed to simply being an aesthetic choice.

Also coming out of the rumour mill today is word from analyst Kevin Wang, that Apple will only be supplying the iPhone 7 from 32GB and upwards. That should mean anyone looking to save a buck and get the 16GB variant will be out of luck. Of course Apple may be getting memory for less now and can keep the price low, so this could actually be a winner.

Apple leaks so far have pointed to 2GB of RAM and memory options ranging from 16GB up to 256GB so we're taking this all with a pinch of salt.


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