IFA, Internationale Funkausstellung, now holds one of the most significant spots on the calendar for international launches and product showcases.

The show started in 1924 as a radio show and now, hosted in Messe Berlin, it's one of the world's largest tech shows. Unlike many shows, IFA is open to the public, meaning anyone can go an marvel at the latest and greatest technology.

Following year-on-year growth, 2017 is set to be bigger than ever.

IFA 2017 will be held in Berlin from 1-6 September. These are the dates that the show is qopen to the public at Messe Berlin.

However, press days, the days that the information about new products is released falls before these days, so you can expect a lot of activity from Wednesday 30 August onwards. 

We'll be there in force to bring you all the announcements that matter.

That's always the question on everyone's lips - what will we see at IFA 2017? It's a valid question too, because previous years have seen announcements of new OLED TV plans, we've see flagship TV launches, we've seen the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note family at IFA, we've seen tablets, smart home and a whole world of connected devices unveiled at the show. 

Messe Berlin, the organiser of IFA, has confirmed that in 2017, all the show space is going to be given over to brands, with the components nad sourcing part of the show moving to IFA Global Markets in a separate location. Essentially, this means there's more space for final product rahter than components on the IFA show floor.

Here's what we know and what is rumoured to be launching at IFA 2017. We'll be constantly updating this list right up to the show opening later in the year. 

Acer will be at IFA 2017 and is scheduling an early press conference and product showcase. There's no clue as to what the company will be revealing so far.

Philips likes IFA. The company has already confirmed that it will be launching its new connected toothbrush at the show, as well as updating a number of small domestic appliances. We are also expecting TV updates from TP Vision, as well as audio announcements from the likes of Philips Fidelio. 

Lenovo has set the date for its press conference on 31 August, just before IFA opens to the public. The company is widely expected to be showing off the new Moto X, as well as updating its Yoga line of laptops.

LG has sent out invites, confirming that it's going to be launching a mobile device at IFA 2017. This will be the first time that the company has used IFA as a launch pad for mobile and all eyes are on the LG V30. 

There's added significance in launching in Berlin: it probably means that the LG V30 is going to be available in Europe for the first time. There have been loads of leaks, so it's looking like an exciting show for LG

There's long been rumours that Samsung will be launching a foldable smartphone, codenamed Galaxy X. There's also been a rumour that prototypes would be shown at IFA 2017, although there's plenty of doubt. 

Meanwhile, the IFA organisers are keen for Samsung to launch the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA 2017. Samsung used to launch the Note in Berlin, but in 2016 moved to a separate event earlier in the year, although the latest rumours suggest 26 August at a New York venue for the launch.

Sony often has one of the biggest IFA stands. In 2016 it used the show to launch its ZD9 television. It's still ranging the ZD9 in 2017, the only model about which there's been no talk of an update for. Perhaps we'll see a new flagship LED TV from Sony at IFA 2017. 

Sony Mobile has also been making noises about smartphone plans: we've heard that the company is dropping certain mid-range devices, but still has plans to launch two new "flagship" handsets and has set the date for an IFA launch, according to reports.

Toshiba recently came forward and reintroduced itself to the UK with a range of televisions, including an OLED set. At the time the company said these TVs wouldn't be available until September, so we're expecting to see and hear more from manufacturer Vestel at the show.

TomTom has often used IFA as a location to launch and showcase products. With a clearer strategy for Sport and Drive product lines, the company often chooses to release new products around this time of year. In 2016 that saw a number of updates and so far the company has been quiet in 2017 so far.