Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus diagrams show off thicker builds than current models, but that could be a good thing thanks to better specs and more connection options. In the case of the iPhone 7 Plus it should work with the Apple Smart Keyboard.

The leaked design specs come from diagrams with measurements shown off on Chinese site MyDrivers. Since these are drawings we're taking them with a pinch of salt. If they prove to be accurate we can expect to find the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard connector on the iPhone 7 Plus but not on the iPhone 7.

Another disparity between the two devices found here is width with the iPhone 7 coming in at 7.2mm, 0.3mm thicker than the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 7 Plus coming in at 7.3mm or 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus. This could denote larger batteries may power the newer models.

The source also claims the iPhone 7 Plus will come with 3GB of RAM and dual-camera while the iPhone 7 will have a single camera and 2GB of RAM. It also reports that the new iPhones will both do away with the 3.5mm audio jack and use new 2K AMOLED Force Touch displays. Although this is part of a paragraph talking about the new ZTE Axon and may be a translation issue.

Apple is rumoured to make a big jump forward with the iPhone 7, following declining sales, so these changes could make perfect sense.

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